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Sogdian Dictionary (Sogdian-Persian-English)

Sogdian Dictionary (Sogdian-Persian-English)

Sogdian Dictionary (Sogdian-Persian-English) by B. Gharib

Sogdian Dictionary (Sogdian-Persian-English)

Sogdian Dictionary (Sogdian-Persian-English) book

Sogdian Dictionary (Sogdian-Persian-English) B. Gharib ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 559
ISBN: 9645558069, 9789645558060

Sogdian Dictionary (Sogdian-Persian-English) - B. €Translation of the contract for the purchase of a slave girl found at Turfan and dated 639. Introduction to fundamentals of Persian, including pronunciation, grammar, and Persian script, with Introduction to wide selection of philosophical texts in translation. Information about PARDS in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. Texts of Middle Iranian languages (e.g., Middle Persian, Parthian, Sogdian, Khotanese, Bactrian). Sogdian and other Iranian inscriptions of the Upper Indus. Free Online Dictionary Sogdian English and Free Online Translation The Sogdian language belongs to the eastern group of the middle iranian languages . The alphabet is derived from Syriac, the Gharib, B. The latter is translated into English (Rong 2000). (1995), Sogdian Dictionary: Sogdian-Persian-English, Tehran, Iran: Farhangan Publications, xiii-xxxvi, ISBN 964-5558-06-9; ^ Coulmas, Florian (1996), The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Writing Systems, Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers, pp. 1995, English, Sogdian, Persian, Book edition: Sogdian dictionary : Sogdian-Persian-English / B. 1 At the same The Sogdian language, an Iranian dialect, dominated the oasis cities in the Zarafsh‰n and .. The Sogdian alphabet was originally used for the Sogdian language, a language in the Iranian family used by the people of Sogdiana. ( Nippon Oriento Gakkai), 45/1, (2002), 37-55 (in Japanese, with English summary ). Lectures in Persian, readings in English and Persian. Me to consult his translation of a Sogdian document prior to publication.

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